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Tacco Footcare was founded in 1963 with only one product. The heel holder Taccoslip was at that time the most legendary invention. Almost 50 years later, as a manufacturer of fittings, they can look back on many more innovations. They develop and produce the assortment of insoles and shoe care products with the same passion as before. Tacco Footcare produces "Made in Germany" for almost every market in the world. The know-how of generations and the creativity of their young team makes Tacco Footcare a leading supplier of fittings - with a lot of heart and enthusiasm.
As a progressive company, They stand for uniqueness and quality around the foot. As the only and first manufacturer in the industry, Tacco Footcare developed shoe accessories and an exclusive product line for the high heel loving ladies. With the aim of sustainability, the company was awarded the Blue Angel in 2011 as the first producer in the shoe products category. In more than 60 countries around the world, They now offer more than 100 shoe-related products that are carefully tested by them and their research and technology partners before they are sold.


Leather Insoles and half insoles

For Heels

For Hallux valgus and tiptoe

For arch

Full insoles and 3/4 insoles for arch

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