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Born in 1844, Mr William Edward Wren was an Englishman from Merton Surrey.

He married his wife, moved to Northampton, raised his five kids and started his business of making wax polishes in 1889 under the name of William Wren & Co’s Boot & Shoe Polish.

It was an appropriate business as Northampton was home to many fine shoe and boot makers, even till this very day.

His brand would become a brand that was known for its quality and prestige and won the First Award from the Leather Trades Exhibition three years later in 1892.

In those days, the Leather Trades Exhibition held in the centre of Britain’s boot making industry Northampton was a very prestigious event and was of significant importance to the trade.

William Wren & Co Ltd soon branched into other products like Floor & Furniture Polish, Metal Polish, Saddle & Harness Paste, Puwite Shoe Whitener as well as the reputed Lavendo Furniture Polish.

At its peak, Wren’s was appointed by His Majesty King George VI during his reign from 1936 to 1952 as the Polish & Dubbin of the Royal Regiment and during WWII, signifying the quality and prestige of the brand.

Historical brand, prestigious legacy and premium quality. Wren’s is reborn.

Leather cream,cleaner



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